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Kickstarter Backer Reviews

"Just letting you know your novel came through in the mail two days ago. The build quality is amazing, the story is great, the art is sublime. Your pretty much an example of why I love this site. Looking forward to buying more of your work down the hopefully not too distant track,"

Anthony EagerKickstarter Backer

"Thanks for all the fun extras like "Where has Freedom Gone. I had a ton of fun reading through the pdf's of Unmasked on my lunch breaks. The story was engaging and I liked the characters (especially protege). I cannot wait for the book to arrive. Happy Holidays,"

Drew HeinigerKickstarter Backer

"Had a wonderful surprise... received the book in the mail today! It looks great! You are to be commended for putting together such a fantastic project, especially considering the extreme circumstances that "superstorm" Sandy brought upon those of you in the northeast recently. I hope that things are getting better there in NY. Look forward to more of your work in the future!"

Hal ShaoKickstarter Backer

Video Reviews

Vinnie Favale (VP of CBS Late Night)