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January 25, 20126 years ago

Unmasked Teaser #2

January 18, 20126 years ago

Table Read

Unmasked creator Michael Sarrao in preproduction for "Best Friends" the second webisode[...] Read more
January 10, 20126 years ago

Unmasked Trading Card Prototypes!

Take a sneak peak at the prototype Unmasked trading cards.[..] Read more
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November 23, 20116 years ago

Free Preview Available

Free Issue #1 preview. We've added a preview link on the top navigation bar. Now you can[...] Read more
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Tags: film, movie, trailer, unmasked, video, w.i.p
October 13, 20116 years ago

Unmasked Teaser

October 3, 20116 years ago

Unmasked Trailer

Here is the trailer for the brand new comic book mini series Unmasked. [...] Read more
September 26, 20116 years ago

Unmasked Film Shoot

Thats right, Michael Sarrao and a group of talented film makers are putting together a short live action film that will tie into the series.[...] Read more