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October 16, 20161 year ago

New York Comic Con 2016 & Interviews

Big things have been happening. We just finished NY Comic Con 2016 and have been interviewed by some media outlets. Check out the good news below.
February 26, 20143 years ago

Unmasked Signal Trailer [VIDEO]

The Unmasked: Signal Kickstarted project is coming soon! Read more
October 24, 20125 years ago

Unmasked At Comic Con 2012 [VIDEO]

Unmasked: The New Age Heroes Volume One available for the first time at the 2012 New York Comic Con... Read more
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July 18, 20125 years ago

Unmasked: The New Age Heroes graphic novel is now funding on Kickstarter!

First time comic book writer Michael Sarrao is bringing his freshman mini series Unmasked: The New Age Heroes to Kickstarter. The goal of the project is to collect the four issue mini series (as well as tons of extra content) into a 150 page original graphic novel.[...] Read more
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April 9, 20125 years ago

Free Comic Book Day

Unmasked will be participating during this year's Free Comic Book Day, May 5th, 2012[...] Read more
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January 25, 20126 years ago

Unmasked Teaser #2

January 18, 20126 years ago

Table Read

Unmasked creator Michael Sarrao in preproduction for "Best Friends" the second webisode[...] Read more
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November 23, 20116 years ago

Free Preview Available

Free Issue #1 preview. We've added a preview link on the top navigation bar. Now you can[...] Read more
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October 13, 20116 years ago

Unmasked Teaser

October 3, 20116 years ago

Unmasked Trailer

Here is the trailer for the brand new comic book mini series Unmasked. [...] Read more