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October 16, 2013 Posted by admin in News

Unmasked At Comic Book Jones

Unmasked will be at Comic Book Jones in December to celebrate the stores 7th anniversary. Meet Creator / Writer Michael Sarrao and series artist John Broglia.

Visit Comic Book Jones Here
July 18, 2012 Posted by admin in News

Unmasked: The New Age Heroes graphic novel is now funding on Kickstarter!

PRESS RELEASE: Unmasked: The New Age Heroes graphic novel is now funding on Kickstarter! CLICK HERE TO HELP FUND

July 18, 2012, New York, NY – Who is Dagger II? Why are the New Age Heroes here? And why does rookie reporter Paige Cruise want to unmask them all? Find out as Unmasked: The New Age Heroes is now available for funding on Kickstarter.

First time comic book writer Michael Sarrao is bringing his freshman mini series Unmasked: The New Age Heroes to Kickstarter. The goal of the project is to collect the four issue mini series (as well as tons of extra content) into a 150 page original graphic novel. Joining Sarrao is long time artist collaborator John Broglia (God Complex and Atomic Robo Real Science Adventures).

Unmasked: The New Age Heroes follows Paige Cruise, a young journalist who has discovered a conspiracy involving new, violent versions of her world's now deceased, classic superheroes. She wants to unmask these New Age Heroes, as their tactics are just as ruthless as the supervillians they are trying to defeat. The added twist is that we don't know the identities of these supposed heroes...readers will find out when our main characters do!

Unmasked TNAH was made available as a digital exclusive via Graphicly earlier this year. But as the fan base grew the only thing Michael would continuously hear was…”How do I get my hands on a physical copy of the book?” Unmasked was self-published under Michael’s Idea Engine Productions imprint, but he lacked the independent funding to print the book. “With Kickstarter, I have the opportunity to make Unmasked available in physical form,” Michael said. “With all the mobile devices that are available to us now, I thought having my first comic book made available digitally was a sure fire bet, but that’s not the case. People still want a product that they can hold in their hands.”

Investing in the future of the Unmasked saga helps to support a great story with a great creative team. To top it off, Unmasked has already received glowing reviews from several industry professionals such as Jimmy Palmiotti (Jonah Hex, Monolith, Trigger Girl 6), Jeff McComsey (Editor in chief of FUBAR), Jay Faerber (Near Death and Dynamo 5) as well as Vinnie Favale (VP of CBS Late Night Television)

About Idea Engine Productions

Michael founded Idea Engine Productions one year ago after he co-directed Unmasked: Overdrive, the first live action webisode in a series that could potentially be funded by the Kickstarter project (it is currently one of the Kickstarter “stretch goals”). Unmasked: The New Age Heroes is the first of several projects that Michael has in the pipeline through this imprint.
April 1, 2012 Posted by admin in News

Free Comic Book Day

Unmasked will be participating during this year's  Free Comic Book Day, May 5th, 2012.
Unmasked Creator/Writer Micheal Sarrao and Unmasked Artist John Broglia will be at Blu Planet Comic and Games signing Unmasked material and interacting with fans.

Blu Planet Comics and Games
509 Central Ave
Massapequa, NY 11758

For more information, please visit this link:

Unmasked Will Be Brought To You By Idea Engine Productions

Things are starting to come together for Unmasked. As of Today Unmasked will be brought to you by Idea Engine Productions. Feel free to visit their Facebook page to keep up to date with Unmasked and other projects.

New Items In The Gallery

The gallery now contains Pin Ups and Character Designs of the title characters in Unmasked.

About Page is Live

New to Unmasked? Check out the About Us page to get some info about the world of Unmasked!

Character Bios are Live

Character Bios are Live! Read more