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UNMASKED writer/creator Michael Sarrao and and artist John Broglia's interview with USA Today!

Cliffhangers and reveals galore in third chapter of Michael Sarrao's superhero series.
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Learn more about the Unmasked: Signal Kickstarter!
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Aint it Cool News

Aint It Cool News did a short blurb about Unmasked at the 2013 New York ComicCon
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Unmasked At The 2013 NY Comic Con

Come see the photos taken at the 2013 New York ComicCon
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Unmasked signing at Galaxy Comics

Unmasked signing at Galaxy Comics - Park Slope Brooklyn
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Unmasked Gift Shop Now Open

Purchase Digital Unmasked Books DRM Free. Take Unmasked with you, no internet connection required. More Unmasked products will be added soon.
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Unmasked Trailer# 1

The first Unmasked trailer. Watch it and dive deeper into the Unmasked universe!
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About Unmasked

Learn the story of Unmasked...
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Character Bios

Learn about your the many unique characters in Unmasked
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“Michael Sarrao has combined the three magic ingredients of the classic comic book: great art, great writing and memorable characters. After you read the first one you’ll be clamoring for more!”
-- Vinnie Favale
Vice President of Late Night CBS Entertainment

"UNMASKED is a fun spin on the super-hero genre, and John Broglia's art and character designs are top notch. Buy this book!"
-- Jay Faerber
(writer on TV's Ringer, co-creator of Near Death and Dynamo)

"Enjoyed the fast pace and stunning artwork. A winner in my book!"
-- Jimmy Palmiotti
(All Star Western, Queen Crab, Monolith, Trigger Girl 6)

"Superheroes Don't Kill....Because they Never Need To."

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February 26, 20142 years ago

Unmasked Signal Trailer [VIDEO]

The Unmasked: Signal Kickstarted project is coming soon! Read more
Posted in: News
October 16, 20132 years ago

Unmasked At Comic Book Jones

Unmasked will be at Comic Book Jones in December to celebrate the stores 7th anniversary. Meet Creator / Writer Michael Sarrao and series artist John Broglia.

Visit Comic Book Jones Here
October 24, 20123 years ago

Unmasked At Comic Con 2012 [VIDEO]

Unmasked: The New Age Heroes Volume One available for the first time at the 2012 New York Comic Con... Read more
Posted in: News, Release
October 17, 20123 years ago


Unmasked was at the 2012 New York City Comic Con. Check out some pictures of the event here

Posted in: News, Release, Teaser
July 18, 20123 years ago

Unmasked: The New Age Heroes graphic novel is now funding on Kickstarter!

First time comic book writer Michael Sarrao is bringing his freshman mini series Unmasked: The New Age Heroes to Kickstarter. The goal of the project is to collect the four issue mini series (as well as tons of extra content) into a 150 page original graphic novel.[...] Read more